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Navigation through the wickedness of gender-based violence in Tunisia

Gender-based violence remains a wicked problem. Learn what more could be done, in Nadia BenAmmar’s blog, where she walks us through some key insights and paradoxes of Gender-Based Violence in Tunisia.…  

Hacking into the talent of Egypt’s youth for solutions to water-scarcity

To tap into this rich resource, UNDP Egypt’s Accelerator Lab joined with the International Water Management Institute of the Middle East and North Africa (IWMI MENA) to bring together young innovators…  

Small-scale farming is key to the future of food, but how can we make it more inclusive and more sustainable?

Almost 28 percent of Egypt’s total workforce are involved in the agriculture sector, with the majority making a living from small-scale farms.  

Chapter I: Setting Out on a Journey to Destigmatize and Learn from Jordan’s Informal Economy

Ever walked in a downtown or market area and come across someone selling vegetables on a cart or truck?  

Beyond the emergency response: A neighborhood approach to recovery in the area affected by the Beirut blast

Walking through the streets of the area affected by the Beirut blast, a curious stranger might struggle to find traces of the explosion: frontages shine with lively colors, glass windows look crystal…  

7 things we learned about frugal entrepreneurship

Read About the 7 things UNDP Accelerator Lab Syria learned about frugal entrepreneurship through their work with positive deviant farmers in Syria.  

The Role of innovative local solutions in strengthening Iraq’s green economy

The concept of Green Economy is on the rise in Iraq. The UNDP-Accelerator Lab in Iraq is supporting this move through sensing, exploring, and mapping innovative local solutions to facilitate the shift…  

Youth led Campaign with Accelerator lab Syria: “Who knows, it might come in handy one day"

Enter any Syrian household and you will find that, by the force of habit, they have stores of recyclable materials; a big plastic bag full of smaller plastic bags, a corner under the sink reserved for…  

From organic waste to food security: Building on nature-based frugal innovations

With the increased prices and shortage of Agriculture inputs (Fodder, fertilizers), farmers are using frugal and nature-based solutions to address the challenge. Accelerator lab Syria is working with…  

Bursting bubbles: How to fight online fake news in Morocco

Fake news are not a new phenomenon in Morocco, the propagation of false information and rumors has always existed, but the information revolution that we’re actually still going through, including the…  

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