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United We Rise: How diverse religious leaders are promoting coexistence in Iraq

Religious leaders from various faiths across Iraq have come together to celebrate Iraq’s diversity and promote peace in their communities.  

Peacebuilding through journalism: UNDP Iraq launches training for young media professionals

“Everyone has a message in this life, and you should know how to use the tools available to help convey your message.” -Jassim, 27, education and media student from Najaf.  

COVID-19’s impact on Social Cohesion in Iraq cannot be ignored in recovery efforts: New report

The impact of COVID-19 on social cohesion in Iraq represents yet another challenge faced by communities across the country and must be addressed to ensure Iraq’s full recovery from the pandemic,…  

Impact of Covid-19 on Social Cohesion in Iraq

The policy paper is the third in a series released by UNDP Iraq on the impact of COVID-19 in Iraq. Building on the first two reports, the Impact of COVID-19 and the Oil Crisis on Iraq’s Fragility, and…  

EU provides an additional € 10 million (US$ 12 million) in support of UNDP’s ‎Stability and Social Cohesion programme in Libya ‎

The European Union is providing € 10 million in extra funding for the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) new initiative on Stability, Unity, Social Cohesion (SUSC) in Libya. The initiative…  

Community Space in Kharayeb Promotes Social Cohesion and Self-Sufficiency

Saluting the efforts of the municipality of Kharayeb, South Lebanon to create inclusive spaces to all community groups, UNDP committed to transform an empty municipal land into a multi-purpose…  

Developing a social cohesion index for the Arab region

The sociopolitical context of the Arab region before the 2011 uprisings was extensively documented in a series of in-depth reports by the United Nations.  

Training Workshop - Call for Applications Reporting at times of conflict & polarization

The “Promoting Social Cohesion in the Arab Region” project is organizing, in cooperation with the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship, the American University of Beirut, a training…  

‘Speak your mind’ to prevent conflict

Seven years into the Syrian crisis and with almost a million Syrian refugees residing in Lebanon, a country of 6 million inhabitants, surveys show that fatigue is rising in host communities.  

Developing a Social Cohesion Index for the Arab Region

We have followed a participatory and multi-disciplinary process by engaging leading experts and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. The PSCAR had commissioned Charles Harb from the American…  

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