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UNDP and UN Women launch COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker

UNDP and UN Women launch COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker.  

Bringing-to-light: “ECO EGYPT” — Egypt’s Hidden Gems

Ecotourism is becoming a growing trend for many travelers especially after what the world has gone through due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

How Sherlock Holmes would have handled Covid-19

It doesn’t take a system thinker to point out that the pandemic has impacted every aspect of people’s lives, but it does take a system thinker to make sense of the underlying complexity of these…  

How Sherlock Holmes would have handled Covid-19

If we want to build back better, we need a systems thinking approach  

Supporting Darfur’s rural communities through the COVID-19 pandemic

North Darfur, Sudan: COVID-19 has impacted lives around the world in many ways. For rural communities with limited health and other key infrastructure, the pandemic has exacerbated an already…  

The Power of Community Spirit: Overcoming a Health Crisis Together

Community initiative produces more than 6,000 free face masks, sets up four public sanitization and awareness-raising points and conducts over 3,000 home visits to educate the community about COVID-19…  

Beyond the connection: Connected future

18-year-old Ghali lives with cerebral palsy (CP) that affects his movement, coordination and speech. Life hasn’t been easy since he fled his home in Daraa to Damascus with his family due to the…  

What the battle against COVID-19 means for ‎democratic governance progress in Libya

Every year, the International Day of Democracy conjures up thoughts of the values of freedom, respect for human rights, and the principle of holding periodic and genuine elections by universal…  

Protecting frontline officers from COVID-19 in Iraq

Protecting frontline workers who deliver vital services to the public is key during the coronavirus pandemic. UNDP is working to ensure that law enforcement officers in Iraq are protected from…  

Sanitizing schools: Securing a safe environment for education in Iraq

Education is one of the most powerful contributors to sustainable development and securing safe access for students is vital during the coronavirus pandemic. A new initiative to ensure students in…  

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