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Somalia and UNDP launch new US$10 million project for pastoralist communities to access scarce water resources and adapt to climate-related droughts and floods

Mogadishu, Somalia – Somalia and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) today launch a new US$10 million climate adaptation project to help rural communities secure access to diminishing water supplies.…  

Opening Remarks Regional Director Mourad Wahba at General Assembly of the Arab Water Council

Thank you. I would like to begin by thanking His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Abu El Geit, Secretary General of the League of Arab States and His Excellency His Excellency Dr. Mahmoud Abu Zeid President of…  

UNDP helps Khan Younis in south Gaza get clean water

Things have changed for the local population in Khan Younis, south of Gaza, as the sewage basin randomly established in the area started leaking untreated sewage to the shallow coastal aquifer. The…  

Water Governance in the Arab Region

Development of Policy Options for Adaptation to Climate Change and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

The report is directed at drawing a picture of the prevailing legal and institutional framework of the water sector in Jordan in relation to climate change adaptation in the Zarqa River Basin (ZRB)  

Assessment of Direct and Indirect Impacts of Climate Change Scenarios (Water Resources Study Vol 1)

The study aims at optimizing the water allocation in the ZRB through maximizing the net value added by considering the climate change scenarios developed by the team of the study The current water…  

Fast Facts: Human Rights Based Approach and Water Governance

UNDP promotes a human rights based approach (HRBA) in its work to improve water resources management and access to water and sanitation. The document highlights the synergy between an HRBA and water…  

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