• Dec 18, 2014

    The 3RP - Country Plan for The Arab Republic of Egypt aims to strengthen protection and support for Syrian refugees and host communities. To address the needs of refugees and the most vulnerable from impacted communities, targeted assistance will be focused in the areas of food, health, education, livelihood and basic needs, along with interventions to enhance the outreach to the community and strengthen service delivery systems in the most impacted governorates (e.g. Giza, Greater Cairo, Alexandria and Qalyubia)

  • Nov 26, 2014

    To respond to the increasing socioeconomic challenges, UNDP was able through the EU contribution to scale up its early recovery and resilience interventions in 2014 taking into consideration basic needs prioritized by local communities in affected areas including both IDPs and host communities.

  • Nov 12, 2014

    The purpose of this brochure is twofold. First, it provides an analysis of the unique unfolding of the Syria crisis and its devastating impact on the people and the countries of the region. Second, the publication outlines UNDP’s contribution to shaping an adequate collective response at regional and national levels and provides concise information on support underway in the affected countries, highlighting development partnerships already in place.

  • Oct 28, 2014

    The 3RP is a country-driven, regionally coherent plan to address refugee protection and humanitarian needs whilst building the resilience of vulnerable people and impacted communities and - recognizing the centrality of national resilience and stabilization plans - strengthening the capacity of national delivery systems.

  • Oct 26, 2014

    This paper outlines a resilience-based development approach for responding to the impact of the conflict in Syria on neighbouring countries. More than three years into the armed conflict in Syria,neither peace nor a political settlement to the conflict is yet in sight.

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