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Developing a social cohesion index for the Arab region

Developing a social cohesion index for the Arab region

Jan 17, 2019

The sociopolitical context of the Arab region before the 2011 uprisings was extensively documented in a series of in-depth reports by the United Nations.

The reports revealed high levels of illiteracy, vast disparities in wealth within nations, the majority of citizens living in poverty, gender inequities, and significant deficits in health care provisions and educational benefits across the region. The bleak social realities were accompanied by widespread authoritarianism, corruption and abuse of power by ruling elites, compounded by foreign military interventions, occupation and war.

This paper constitutes a joint effort of the Regional Programme - UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States and the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support - UNDP. Farah Choucair, Social Cohesion Technical Specialist and Project Manager, led its development and implementation, with substantive input and support from Malin Herwig and Jos De La Haye throughout the process

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