A resilience-based development response to the Syria crisis

26 Oct 2014

This paper outlines a resilience-based development approach for responding to the impact of the conflict in Syria on neighbouring countries. More than three years into the armed conflict in Syria,neither peace nor a political settlement to the conflict is yet in sight. Meanwhile the conflict has taken a terrible toll and continues to do so: more than 191,000 have been killed, and millions have been displaced inside Syria or have fled abroad as refugees.1 Severe damage has been done to the social, economic and political fabric of the country. Enormous pressures have been placed on neighbouring countries – Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey – and pressures have been placed on other countries in the region, such as Egypt.


The paper briefly reviews the situation and international aid response to date, and then discusses the approach and principles of a resilience-based development response, and its implementation.

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