A Strategic Framework for and Immediate Socio-Economic Response to COVID-19 in Yemen (2020 - 2021)

Oct 8, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is far more than a health crisis, it is affecting societies and economies at their core. While the impact of the pandemic will vary from country to country, it will most likely increase poverty and inequalities at a global scale, making achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) even more urgent.

Without urgent socio-economic responses, global suffering will escalate, jeopardizing lives and livelihoods for years to come. Immediate development responses in this crisis must be undertaken with an eye to the future. Development trajectories in the long term will be affected by the choices countries make now and the support they receive.

This report sets out the framework for the United Nations' (UN) urgent socio-economic support to Yemen in the face of COVID-19, putting into practice the UN Secretary-General's Shared responsibility, global solidarity Responding to the socio-economic impacts of COVID 19 report. It is one of three critical and complementary components of the UN's efforts to save lives, protect people, and rebuild better. It is expected to be implemented in conjunction with the health response – led by the World Health Organization (WHO) – and the humanitarian response, as detailed in the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (YHRP).

The country-level focus is on the here and now with a timeframe of 12 - 18 months as an immediate development offer. The Framework will be implemented by UN Country Team, under the leadership of the UN Resident/Humanitarian Coordinator and with the technical leadership of UNDP. It is designed to deliver support to Yemen across five pillars of action and mobilises the full capacity of the UN Agencies, Funds, and Programmes to support authorities to develop COVID-19 public health preparedness and response plans.

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