Improving livelihoods and economic opportunities for Syrian refugees and host communities

02 Jul 2018

‘In the framework of cooperation and coordination of the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP), in 2016 the UNDP-UNHCR Joint Secretariat initiated a mapping exercise of United Nation’s Agencies livelihood and economic opportunities interventions in the five countries affected by the Syrian crisis, to identify complementarities and gaps, as well as comparative advantages. The mapping highlighted that the current UN offer for livelihoods and employment generation is still limited and fragmented, requiring scaling up. Partners concurred that more robust, better coordinated, scalable livelihoods strategies are required at regional and/or country level to meet the London jobs targets. This paper, which, moving forward will be a living document, was initiated by the Joint Secretariat as a follow up to the mapping, and subsequent outcomes of the most recent Regional UNDG meeting, and the BMZ/UNDP expert meeting on Jobs held in Bonn in November 2017.”

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