Lebanon: Rebuilding a health centre in Akkar

16 Mar 2014

With a population of around 35,000 and now hosting more than 15,000 Syrian refugees, the district of Akkar has been severely affected by the conflict in Syria. The area is already facing the highest rate of poverty in Lebanon (more than 63 percent of the population) and suffers from a poor state of service and infrastructure.

The influx of refugees is exacerbating poverty and could lead to increased social tension. One of the most important social service sectors to be affected by the refugee crisis is healthcare. There are already very few practicing doctors in Akkar, due to the limited ability of many to pay for healthcare.

Traditionally, people in the border village would cross into Syria for medical assistance, as it is cheaper there. However, the conflict has now made this impossible. The recently established health center in Akkar has five doctors. As well as providing public health, gynecological and pediatric services, the subsidized clinic also helps raise community awareness about personal hygiene, transmitted diseases, child vaccination, and medication usage, targeting both
Lebanese and Syrian women. However, the sudden increase in patients has exacerbated the problem of a lack of medical equipment.


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