Syria: Providing jobs and clearing streets overrun with garbage in Deir Ezor

16 Mar 2014

Deir Ezor is the sixth largest city in Syria and the largest in the eastern part of the country, hosting a large  number of people dispalced by the conflict.

Deir Ezzor has been severely affected by the crisis and is in desperate need of emergency assistance. The large influx of displaced families and the destroyed or dysfunctional infrastructure are placing a severe strain on local service delivery including garbage collection.

Tons of garbage have now piled up in the streets. Besides the impact this has on living conditions, the unsanitary conditions caused by decaying garbage are
contaminating sources of clean water and leading to the spread of diseases.


Donate now to help UNDP restore jobs and help people displaced by the conflict. UNDP will provide emergency employment schemes that focus on collecting and disposing of the garbage in the neighbourhoods of Villat, Dahiyeh, Tob AlJura, Althawra and AlKusour.

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