Fast Facts Yemen 2019

Fast Facts: Yemen 2019

Apr 14, 2020

Since 2015, armed conflict has fueleda crisis of unprecedented magnitude in what was already the poorest country in the Arab region. The world’s worst humanitarian and development disasterWith nearly 80 per cent of the population in need of humanitarian assistance and protection, the Yemeni crisis is the world’s greatest humanitarian and development disaster. The situation has driven 4.3 million people (almost 15 per cent of the population) from their homes and 3.7million are still displaced. Conflict remains the main driver of hunger. Over 10million people are one step away from famine and starvation.Nearly a quarter of the entire population, 7.4 million people, are malnourished–many acutely.

UNDP assists vulnerable Yemenis to meet their most urgent needs, while also helping to restore livelihoods, strengthen resilience to future challenges, and prepare for long-term development. Engaging local capacities, systems and institutions, UNDP is assisting Yemen in building back better.UNDP’s support is framed aroundthree interlinked and mutually reinforcing pillars.

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