Human Development Report 2015

14 Dec 2015

This year’s Human Development Report explores how work can enhance human development, given that the world of work is changing fast and that substantial human development challenges remain. The Report takes a broad view of work, including voluntary work and creative work, thus going beyond jobs. And it examines the link between work and human development, focusing on care work as well as paid work and discussing sustainable work.


The Report also makes the points that the link between work and human development is not automatic and that some work, such as forced labour, can damage human development by violating human rights, shattering human dignity and sacrificing freedom and autonomy. And without proper policies, work’s unequal opportunities and rewards can be divisive, perpetuating inequities in society.


The Report concludes that work can enhance human development when policies expand productive, remunerative and satisfying work opportunities, enhance workers’ skills and potential and ensure their rights, safety and well-being. The Report also pursues an action agenda based on a New Social Contract, a Global Deal and the Decent Work Agenda.

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