COVID-19 Socio-Economic Impact Assessments

May 26, 2020

An assessment on the Socio-Economic impact of COVID-19 in Algeria
An assessment on the Socio-Economic impact Impact of COVID-19 in Bahrain
The impact of COVID-19 on financial transactions and consumer behavior in Bahrain: an initial analysis
Physical and Mental Well-being and the Role of Telemedicine During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Bahrain
The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Bahrain Private Sector: Proceedings from a Roundtable Discussion
An assessment on the impacts of loan deferrals in Bahrain
Presentation: National Solidarity Pact  (June 2020)
Impact of Covid-19 on the Iraqi Economy
Impact of the Oil Crisis and COVID-19 on Iraq’s Fragility
Impact of social cohesion in Iraq
Impact of COVID-19 on Environmental Sustainability in Iraq
Impact of COVID-19 on social protection in Iraq
  Report: Impact on Enterprises in Jordan (June 2020)
Report: Impact of COVID-19 on Households in Jordan (May 2020)
Report: COVID19 Intial Response: National Defense Law  (May 2020)
A preliminary assessment of socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 on the economy of Kuwait
The effects of COVID-19 on mental health, food consumption and relationship dynamics in Kuwait (October 2020)
    Report: Impact of COVID 19 on vulnerable workers & small scale enterprises in Lebanon (June 2020)
Rapid Socio-Economic Impact Assessment
The economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Morocco
Social& Economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Morocco
Economic note on Gaza: crossings update and impact of COVID-19
    Report: COVID-19 Socio-Economic Impact Assessment for Sudan (May 2020)
The Potential of Sudanese Diaspora Remittances
  Report: Economic impact of COVID-19 in Tunisia (in French) (June 2020)
Presentation: The economic impact of COVID-19 in Tunisia (in French) (June 2020)
Blog: We must think differently in COVID-19 recovery (May 2020)
United Nations COVID-19 Socio-Economic Analysis for the United Arab Emirates
Framework for the immediate socio-economic response to COVID-19  
Somalia COVID19 Socio-Economic Impact Assessment 2021
    A Synthesis Report on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Yemen with Potential COVID-19 Impact Analysis
Report: Pottery Value Chain (July 2020)
Report: Food Industry
Solar Energy Systems Value Chain
Report: Handloom and textile value chain (June 2020)
Meat and Poultry value chain
Regional Study Compounding Crises: Will COVID-19 and Lower Oil Prices Prompt a New Development Paradigm in the Arab Region?






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