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The National Human Development Report of Lebanon 2008-2009

The National Human Development Report Lebanon (2008 - 2009)

Feb 20, 2013

Citizenship in Lebanon was addressed in this report from three principle perspectives.


The first addresses citizenship and the sectarian state. It explores the relationship of the state, its institutions, its constitution and its laws, including personal status laws to citizens. This exploration also engages with Lebanon's system of consociational democratic governance in its different manifestations and therefore addresses the relationship of the state to the individual communities and their representatives and the impact this has on the relationship of citizens to their state.


The second perspective focuses on socio-economic citizenship rights and considers social policies from the viewpoints of citizenship rights and comprehensive social development at one and the same time. As such, it examines the relationship of state to citizens and focuses on the rights to education, health and employment, and addresses the problems of poverty and social exclusion.


The third perspective looks into citizenship, culture and education and explores shared common cultural values as well as cultural differences that could have a negative impact on national identity in relation to communal identities as sub-national modes of identification.

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