Story Competition: Shughel Shabab

The "Shughel Shabab" campaign aims to collect stories about youth's work to build peace in their communities from different places in the Arab region.

Share your stories.

The top 100 stories will be published in a joint publication between UNDP and UNESCO featuring the work of "Shughel Shabab."

Your story must explain:  

What is the problem that faces your community and encouraged you to become involved in peace building?

What have you done to build peace in your community?

What is the impact of your work on this community? How many people have been influenced by your work to build peace in this community? How many people were you able to inspire to participate in peace building?

You can submit your story in one of three formats: video, photographic essay or infographic.

To enter the contest to be featured as one of the 100 stories of peacebuilding in the region, make sure you upload all of the following to Dropbox:

  1. Application Form
  2. Waiver Form
  3. Your story submission (one 2.5-5 minute video, 3-7 photos with captions, or infographic) 
  4. Submit your entry to Dropbox HERE

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