Response to the Syria Crisis

The Syrian crisis has devastated the country, setting back development gains by decades and resulting in immense human suffering. The crisis has affected its entire sub-region in multiple ways and continues to threaten development and stability in neighboring countries. The conflict had a negative impact on sub-regional trade and neighboring economies, and the influx of Syrian refugees created tremendous challenges in neighboring countries, especially on the delivery of basic social services. More

A Resilience Based Development Response

With no sign of a political resolution on the immediate horizon, the Syria crisis demands a response unlike any other. UNDP has promoted the adoption by the UN family and the international community of a resilience-based development approach that coherently captures humanitarian and development interventions in a single framework for a more comprehensive and sustainable response.More

Resilience Building: In Response to the Syria Crisis

The Syria Crisis is the largest political, humanitarian and development challenge of our time. UNDP has been at the forefront of new initiatives, working with national and international partners and across the UN System to bring about a shift in approach towards building resilience by addressing the humanitarian and development aspects of the crisis at the same time, in a coordinated fashion, through sustainable and nationally-led responses. A major milestone in this shift is coming soon as the UN launches and prepares to implement the Syria Response Plan (SRP) for 2015 as well as the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) for 2015-2016.more

Our Stories

UNDP Lebanon - Al Marj Market Bekaa
Renovation of Al Marj Market provides job opportunities for Syrian refugees & Lebanese citizens

“The renovation made by UNDP to this market encouraged people from all over the villages to visit it which increased our income. We are 15 members in this family and we all live out of this business” – Abed al Rehman Alsayed Issa – 26 year- old Syrian living in Lebanon since 2013.more 

n Aleppo, Syria a worker picks up solid waste through UNDP's emergency employment project providing temporary jobs to people affected by the conflict. Photo: UNDP in Syria
Emergency employment yields a healthier environment for Syrians

Mohammad was one of the Syrian citizens who never thought that the escalating hostilities would force him out of his home. Living in a hard-to-reach areamore 

CPR in Syria
A UNDP organized theatre performance in Kawrgosk refugee camp in Iraq raises awareness about violence against women. Photo: Sarah Chardonnens, UNDP Iraq
Iraq: Syrian women and girls struggle to survive in camps

When 20-year-old Zainab fled the ongoing fighting in Syria, she hoped to find safety in the Arbat refugee camp in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. Though she may havemore 

Workers undertake the renovation of a Roman well in Syria. Photo: UNDP Syria
Syria: Restoring Roman wells to bring relief

In Syria's rural areas, long-abandoned Roman wells have become more than a relic of a bygone civilization. For communities struggling to cope with the disastrous ongoingmore 

Workers install water pumps in the Orontes River in Hama in order to facilitate water movement and combat the severe odours caused by water stagnation. Photo: UNDP Syria
Defending the Orontes: A community effort to restore a city lifeline

The main bridge in the Hama city centre looks out over the quiet waters of the Orontes River, an artery flowing northward from Lebanon, through Syriamore 

UNDP Syria
Amal one of the beneficiaries in Bayada village, while irrigating the seedling in preparation to be planted in the soil .
Reviving Tomato Farming: Farmer’s livelihoods restored with the help of UNDP

(Tartous- Syria) -Syria is considered to be one of top producers of Tomatoes in the world. Sitting at the 19th place right after Tunisia and beforemore 

Nineteen-year-old Aya completed sewing and entrepreneurship training through the 3x6 Emergency Employment Project. Photo: UNDP Jordan
Emergency jobs sow long-term livelihoods for youth in Jordan

“I had a dream since I was 10 years old to open my own sewing shop one day. I’ve always considered myself as an artist inmore 

Internally Displaced Women remove garbage surrounding a shelter as part of a cash for work set up by UNDP in Syria
Emergency Employment for IDPs in Shelters

Located on the Mediterranean coast, the governorate of Tartous is currently hosting 500,000 displaced persons from various neighboring governorates since the start of the crisis inmore 

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Projects & Initiatives

  • The 3RP

    The Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) represents a strategic shift in the response to the Syria Crisis. It is an innovative approach that effectively. It is an innovative approach that effectively harnesses the capacities, knowledge and resources of humanitarian and development partners to create a durable and multi-faceted resilience-based response to the Syria crisis. The 3RP is a global first for the UN in the terms of its response to crises. It is an inclusive model for delivering an effective and coordinated response which addresses, through national plans, immediate vulnerabilities, strengthens social cohesion, and builds the resilience of people, communities and national systems. This model may be applicable in other complex and protracted crises, similar to the Syria crisis. more 

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