Aleppo: A father’s hope to save his daughter’s life

Picture Mohammad, solid waste project, Aleppo © UNDP

No one has escaped the deleterious impacts of the ongoing crisis. The rapid deterioration of the situation since 2011 is reflected in the increasing number of people fleeing their homes. Situated in the north of Syria, Aleppo was one of the most affected governorate. The hard to reach areas in Aleppo have more than 1,300,000 people in need, living in extremely difficult conditions especially due to the lack of basic goods and medicines, the deterioration of health care, and ongoing violence. Mohammad was one of the citizens who never thought that the escalating hostilities will force him out of his home ending up in a shelter within a relatively safer area in Aleppo with his wife and six children.


Two years without job, Mohammad’s family lived in extreme poverty with no beds or blankets to protect them from the cold winter. “My 3 year old daughter has cancer, and she needs radiotherapy in Damascus which I can’t afford,” he said.


A year ago, he joined the solid waste project, implemented by UNDP in Aleppo. The received wages have significantly improved his living condition and helped him provide the basic needs for his family.


“It was impossible for us to find a proper job in this dire situation, thanks to the solid waste project I’m capable now of traveling to the medical center in Damascus so my little daughter can finalize her radiotherapy sessions. This will save her life.” He said, adding, “We hope that this project will continue; we appreciate the benefits we have gained so far. Our surroundings have also become cleaner.”


The solid waste project in Aleppo helped providing 2,945 one month job opportunities and removing 36,207 tons of waste, allowing 16 neighborhoods to enjoy better and healthier environment.

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