Building a sustainable inclusive future

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The Arab States region is struggling to put itself on a sustainable development path. Despite relatively high levels of economic growth in many cases, Arab countries are not creating enough jobs or substantially improving household incomes. Many women, youth and vulnerable groups continue to be deprived of basic rights, resources, voice and economic opportunities. Such shortfalls make Arab societies highly susceptible to shocks and threaten to undo the development progress that has been achieved across the region.

To address these challenges, the EU and UNDP work together to promote an inclusive, sustainable development agenda in the region. Using innovative approaches, we help local governments, communities and community organisations create and carry out impactful development plans that can boost local economies and help Arab States achieve the SDGs. Equally important are our efforts to empower women, youth and vulnerable groups so that social and political opportunities are available to all.

Sustainable development planning and capacity development We work across the region to create and carry out smart, community-focused plans that reduce poverty and inequality. In Iraq , the Local Area Development Programme (LADP) helps governorates formulate development strategies that empower women and youth, as well as help spur recovery in communities affected by the military campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). In Somalia, we contributed to the creation of the country’s first National Development Plan in 30 years, an achievement that will boost economic growth and employment, improve education levels and health, and strengthen resilience in the face of cyclical drought. In Algeria, the Local Development and Participatory Democracy Programme (CapDEL) is making municipal development programmes more effective by improving cooperation between local governments and communities.

In Egypt, we supported the clearance of mines from 121,780 acres in the North-West Coast. This is an important step in the city of New Alamein’s drive to become a central hub for tourism, finance, commerce and industry – the city is projected to attract some 400,000 inhabitants and create 280,000 jobs. We also supported the Artificial Limbs Center, which offers rehabilitation services for mine victims and leads awareness campaigns about mine safety.

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