Peace and democracy


Many Arab governments are failing to deliver basic services and govern in an open, democratic manner. Transparency is lacking, populations are being excluded from the political process - especially women, youth and vulnerable groups - and citizens are being deprived of channels through which they can voice their needs and concerns. These shortcomings not only lower the quality of life of millions of people—they often lead to political turmoil and armed conflict.

To ensure a stable, democratic future for all people in the region, we support efforts to promote government accountability and transparency; help governments better deliver basic social services and boost economic development; and promote the rule of law to advance justice, security and the protection of human rights. In countries struggling with conflict or its aftereffects, we support joint conflict analysis, early warning and risk management, as well as national and local dialogues that can lead to lasting peace, trust, inclusion and social cohesion.

Rule of law and access to justice

We have worked in close partnership with Tunisia to enhance the rule of law in the country. We sponsored 2 national consultations and dialogues across 24 governorates that allowed over 5,000 citizens, 300 civil society organizations and 320 academics to participate in the drafting process for the new constitution. We also helped build the capacity of the Tunisian parliament and supported the Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC) with its preparation of cases and the training of its staff and magistrates.  

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