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Supporting COVID-19 Prevention through Soap Production

For most Yemenis, purchasing food is a daily struggle, much less purchasing basic hygiene needs like soap. This is causing many war-torn, rural communities to struggle to protect themselves from…  

Empowering Communities to Lead COVID-19 Fight

With about half of its health facilities defunct due to the protracted war, Yemen is expected to see one of the worst COVID-19 pandemic scenarios in the world. Already considered the world’s largest…  

UNDP Yemen establishes COVID-19 Rapid Response Facility to help manage the crisis

As part of UNDP’s COVID-19 response in Yemen, the office established a Rapid Response Facility (RRF) to help the government and authorities address the pandemic.  

Somalia’s emergency call centre boosts health response in the fight against COVID-19

If you feel sick or need advice on COVID-19 in Somalia, all you have to do is call 449 – the government’s toll-free hotline set up to offer fast, effective access to emergency health support.  

COVID-19 and the Environment: Impact and Response

There have been many speculations about the positive impacts of the pandemic on the environment.  

Keeping Sudan’s Government connected: Ensuring safe distance through tele-conferencing

COVID-19 is forcing new ways of working. UNDP has ensured Sudan’s key government offices can function remotely, effectively and securely as they manage the nation’s response to the crisis.  

UN Shows Strong Support for Economic Stability in Lebanon

Paris, April 6 – One month before Lebanon holds its first parliamentary elections in nearly a decade, the United Nations called for continued international support for Lebanon’s political and economic…  

UNDP continues to expand stabilization support for Iraqi Government to help families return home, including minority communities

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) continues to support the Government of Iraq on stabilization projects to restore vital services in areas freed from ISIL.  

Together for peace with Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

Maha is from Homs in Syria. The conflict in her home country forced her to leave her home and seek refuge in neighbouring Jordan. The 51-year-old tailor lost one of her sons in the war and is now the…  

The Road to Lebanon’s Future in Focus

For the fifth consecutive year, UNDP Lebanon held the Social Good Summit (SGS) 2017 in Beirut, at Teatro Verdun on Tuesday. Around 300 attendees arrived at the Summit, among them university students,…  

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