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Impact of COVID-19 on electoral assistance

The regional electoral assistance project will hold the 6th webinar about the Impact of COVID-19 on electoral assistance.  

COVID-19 in MENA: Impact on women's economic empowerment and policy responses

UN Women, UNDP and OECD are jointly organizing a webinar to take a closer look at governments’ investments in gender equality and women’s economic empowerment as result of COVID-19 and to consider the…  

Beyond Recovery in Arab Countries

The political Economy of COVID19

The team of Arab Human Development report is hosting a second webinar about the political economy of COVID-19  

Election preparations from a compartive perspective

Speakers will share the experience of the United States and Chile as well as provide a global perspective on election preparations currently underway. The discussion will contribute to enhancing our…  

AHDR first webinar: Public health in the Arab region

The Arab Human Development report team has organized a webinar to discuss on Public Health in the Arab Region.  

Innovation & Youth Virtual Meetings to support job creation in Morocco after COVID-19

Young Moroccan entrepreneurs and innovators came together 12 to 14 June 2020, through a series of Innovation & Youth Virtual Meetings, where they explored —together with experts from Morocco, Denmark…  

The impact of COVID-19 on elections, elections in conflict settings

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a particular challenge to electoral authorities in conflict settings with many countries facing concerns for the holding of transparent and peaceful elections all while…  

COVID-19 Aggravating Crises: A Human Development Perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic is more than a health crisis. It is presenting exceptional challenges to human development around the world, including the Arab States region. According to the Human Development…  

Online Consultation: Engaging Women in Post Conflict Economic and Political Decision-Making; Lessons for Responding to COVID-19

UNDP work with ICAN, WILPF and UN Women to launch an online discussion to share what is actually happening on the ground in areas of conflict and post-conflict where women are engaged in different…  


15 September:The Misk-UNDP Youth Forum

The Forum was co-hosted by the Misk Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  

17-20 September: Social Good summit

The Social Good Summit (SGS) is a two-day conference examining the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives around the world. Held annually during United Nations General Week, SGS…  


UNDP Arab States launched the Youth Leadership Programme ﴾YLP﴿ in 2015, it has first started with YLP1 (2015) and then YLP2 (2016) and now UNDP Arab States is launching YLP 3 to support young men and…  

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