Kuwait II Side-Event

How neighbouring countries are responding to the Syria crisis: resilience, stabilization and solidarity

Wednesday 15 January 2014 Time: 1900-2030 (TBC)
large meeting room (behind conference podium), Bayan Palace

Three years into the Syria conflict, neighbouring countries continue to provide assistance to millions of Syrian refugees. Yet the strain on national budgets and community resources is pushing more host country citizens into poverty and straining social services, infrastructure and national treasuries. Thus neighbouring governments are preparing national development response plans, which address continuing refugee needs, but also seek to ensure the well-being of their own citizens.  These plans, closely coordinated with humanitarian assistance plans, anticipate a multi-faceted response to assure immediate relief, strengthen individual and community resilience and rebuild essential development infrastructure.

Mr. Nigel Fisher, Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria crisis and Ms. Sima Bahous, Regional United Nations Development Group (UNDG) chairman will co-chair the meeting and invite the Governments of Jordan, Lebanon to lead and present the status of their response plans and to outline priorities for international support and financing.  Other host countries, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey will also have an opportunity to share their national plans and priorities in relation to the Syria crisis.   As instrumental counterparts, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank (WB) will also be invited to support the discussion. 

Main Speakers
Chair: Mr. Nigel Fisher and Ms. Sima Bahous
Jordan: Minister of Planning (HE Ibrahim Saif)
Lebanon: Minister of Social Affairs (HE Wael Abou Faour)

Invited Speakers

Expected participants
Presenters from the five countries; delegates of regional and international member states; other interested partners.

Proposed agenda
  Co-chair, Mr. Nigel Fisher, to open the meeting, provide an overview to frame the discussion and introduce the work in progress for the comprehensive regional strategy
Co-chair, Ms. Sima Bahous, to provide an overview of the work of the UNDG as it relates to the crisis and introduce the plans for development strategies in the region
Jordan speaker to introduce the National Resilience Plan

19.20 Lebanon speaker to introduce the Four-track Road Map of Priority Interventions for Stabilization
Other invited speakers: UNDP and WB
Questions and discussions
   Wrap up by co-chairs

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