8-15 October 2015: Youth Leadership Programme for sustainble development


Time: 8 to 15 October 2015

Place: Amman, Jordan

Event: Prorgamme

Goal: Exchange knowledge and experience in various areas of youth leadership to obtain sustainable development

Participants: 40 participants from Arab countries aged 18-30 years

UNDP Regional Hub of in Amman in partnership with "MBC" Al Amal will organize "Regional Youth Leadership" programme in Amman, Jordan from 8 October 2015 till 15 October 2015.

The programme aims to strengthen the capacity of young people and support the exchange of experiences and knowledge with each other, in terms of the skills and methods of leadership and leadership in the field of sustainable development, It targets specifically forty (40) young men and women who are qualified and interested in the development of their communities.

Youth Leadership programme seeks to encourage young people in the Arab region to communicate between each other and engage them more in the community, it also gives them opportunities to empower themselves through leading initiatives that will help in achieving sustainable development, and addressing the major challenges in their communities.

As part of the vision, young people should start the lead and the initiation in the current and future sustainable development projects management.

Selection Criteria:

- Applicant should be between the ages of 18 to 30

- Applicant should be a citizen of an Arab country

- Speak Arabic fluently

- Interested in community work

- High motivation and interest in civic engagement and social change.

United Nations Development Programme will cover the participation costs (cost of extracting visa and flight ticket and accommodation) to all participants who are accepted within the framework of organized and measures of UNDP.


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