Date: 13-14 November
Location: Cairo

The second Forum of Electoral Management Bodies in the Arab States, a cooperation between the League of Arab States and the United Nations, at the League’s headquarters in Cairo. The first Forum was held in May 2016.

The Forum is organized as part of the cooperation between the League of Arab States’ Electoral Affairs Department, the United Nations Electoral Assistance Division and UNDP’s Regional Electoral Support for the Arab States, and per the decision of the Arab League Council at the ministerial level in its Ordinary Session No. 144 during which the Resolution No. 7961 dated September 13, 2015 was passed to host the event.

The Forum offers a platform for member states to come together and discuss establishing renewed cooperation and communication channels between and among themselves as well as with relevant regional and international organizations. The event is aimed at enhancing and consolidating the achievements of the first Forum, while moving from general aspects of the electoral process and electoral administration towards more specific issue areas and technical challenges in the conduct of elections.

The theme of the second Forum is on “voter registration”, a topic of high relevance to many of the member states who are in the process of creating and/or reforming their electoral registries. In this context, a regional exchange of experiences and lessons learnt on voter registration systems and processes is of utmost importance.

The Forum participants will include Member States of the League of Arab States and regional and international organizations engaged in the field of elections.

The main objectives of the 2018 forum are as follows:
1. To promote the exchange of electoral experiences in the Arab region and highlight lessons learned in the area of voter registration
2. To enhance regional knowledge and understanding on voter registration practices in the region
3. To strengthen collaborative relationships among electoral stakeholders in the Arab States, as well as with relevant regional and international organizations

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