12-16 October 2018
Location: Beirut,Lebanon

ADP is launching “The 2018 Visualize 2030” hackathon whereby it calls upon youth (aged 18-29) to use official statistics to visualize a data driven story addressing development challenges in the Arab region. Youth are also invited to use national official statistics to highlight the status of the data revolution in the Arab countries and how in some cases limited access to data and challenging data ecosystems affect citizens, civil society organizations, policy makers, etc

In the 2018 Visualize 2030 edition, the final outputs will either focus on data driven stories developed based on official statistics, or highlight concerns regarding a development topic or group (women, youth, urban population, etc.) in a selected Arab country or the Arab region.


As data revolution is a key part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and data are considered to be one of the fundamental elements of the accountability framework of the SDGs, the 2018 Visualize 2030 aims to

  1. show support for and encourage the adoption of open data policies and the SDGs;
  2. ontribute to the enhancement of data access, use and communication in a useful, meaningful and innovative way in the Arab region
  3. bring together creative development practitioners, data analysts, statisticians, data scientists, coders, hackers, programmers, designers, etc. from the Arab region for one of a kind data adventure that stimulates public debate on expectations towards key development issues and that offers the space for brainstorming out-of-a-box solutions to pressing development challenges.

Expected Outcomes


The result is a data-driven visual product that can take the form of a poster, infographics, illustrations, videos or any other visualization using the ADP Database or other official national sources.

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