Date: 10 December 2020

The Arab region Youth Arts & Music Initiative (AYAMI) is organizing the Beirut AYAMI concert hosted at the Lebanese University – Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture  which happens to fall on Human Rights Day; The purpose of the event is to launch the SDGs Arabic song AHDAFI and is designed around concepts of youth empowerment, collective action and social responsibility.

The event will feature young singers and musicians, who shall be organized in gender-balanced collaborative arrangements (band and choir) and shall be performing together, including the all-youth harmonic band of the LeBAM association and the internationally recognized Fayha Choir in addition to a guest appearance by the regionally renowned singer, Oumeima El Khalil.

The programme of the concert is rich but concise and includes the AHDAFI song as well as other songs and musical pieces from the region and the world, that shed the light on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); consisting of the following:

  1. UNDP Opening Statement by Celine Moyroud from downtown Beirut (02:00 min);
  2. Drone camera coming from Beirut to concert location façade (02:00 min);
  3. Façade to Moonlight Sonata piano performance opening scene (03:00 min);
  4. A Capella AHDAFI performance by Fayha Choir (05:00 min);
  5. Classical music Novena by James Swearingen performance by LeBam (05:00 min);
  6. Performance of Asfour by Oumeima El Khalil and Hani Siblini on the piano (06:00 min);
  7. Dual performance of مهما يتجرح بلدنا  by Lebam and Fayha Choir (04:00 min);
  8. Dual performance of AHDAFI by LeBam and Fayha Choir along with a performance by sign language dancer Pierre Geagea and Solo Pianist Garen Jinbashian

The concert will be live on Ayami's Facebook page at 16:30 Beirut time (14:30 GMT) and broadcasted on several TV channels around the Arab Worl (Al Rasheed TV Iraq, Mazzika Egypt, Amman TV Jordan, Al Wattan TV Palestine, Lana TV Syria, Sama TV Syria, LBC Lebanon, Tunis TV and Al Ghad Radio Iraq

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