Date: 10 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a particular challenge to electoral authorities in conflict settings with many countries facing concerns for the holding of transparent and peaceful elections all while ensuring public health and the safety of voters. To understand these dynamics better, the 4th webinar will feature a strong panel of electoral administrators who have extensive experience in elections in conflict settings. They will discuss the recent election experience of Mali, one of the first elections that took place during the pandemic, the response of the Libyan electoral authority to election preparations amidst an ongoing crisis and a global pandemic, and the many lessons we can learn from Afghanistan’s extensive experience of elections in conflict settings.   

The panelists will share how they see the pandemic’s impact on the current electoral context in their country,  their decision-making approaches, and the practical responses being taken to continue electoral operations and ensure integrity of the process. The experiences are varied and will allow for an in-depth discussions on what the pandemic means for EMBs operating in conflict settings, and what lessons the broader election community can take from these experiences.

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