Cleaning Campaign Launched in Aden

Jul 15, 2015

Participants during the cleaning campaign in Aden Photo: Enma

In partnership with START Foundation, UNDP conducted a cleaning campaign in Enma, a neighbourhood of Aden, during the week prior to Eid. The initiative aimed at supporting 350 local residents and internally displaced persons with emergency cash-for-work while improving the solid waste situation of their communities.

Since the intensification of fighting in March 2015, the ability of Yemenis to cope and sustain decent living conditions had been dramatically affected. Almost 80 percent of the population is in need of assistance to meet their basic needs for food, water, healthcare, shelter and other basic supplies, or to protect their fundamental rights. The impact of the crisis is unfolding, with challenging setbacks observed in economic activity and employment. Waste is accumulating in various areas of Yemen, and Aden is amongst the worst affected due to collapsing social services and a severe fuel crisis. As a result, residents of Aden suffer from various diseases including dengue fever.

“Mounting waste places an additional stress on already suffering civilians – removing waste and sensitising a community about hygiene and proper disposal not only improve their surroundings but creates income and business opportunities,” says Mikiko Tanaka, UNDP Country Director.

The cleaning campaign has included collecting garbage from the streets and moving it to safe disposal, also establishing garbage collection points, and raising community awareness on proper waste management and where to throw trash in order to bring sustainable improvement to the situation.

“This is a chance for me to earn money. Life has been difficult here. We can finally clean our neighbourhood and avoid diseases,” says Ahmed Ali, 22, one of the participants.

The waste removal was not only limited to the assigned working hours of a three hour shift. The participants with an additional 20 volunteers from the community doubled their work to finish the cleaning for the celebrations of Eid, enduring hot weather conditions and no electricity in evenings.

“It was not easy to implement the activities in such circumstances but thanks to the support received from the community and motivation from youth, we were able to take initiative and make the neighbourhood more livable,” says Marwa Ba-Obaid, START Coordinator.

Contact information

Farah Abdessamad, Programme Specialist, Youth Economic Empowerment Programme
Mobile: (+967) 712221959

Sylvain Merlen, Head of Aden Sub-Office
Mobile: (+967) 712221517

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