Message from Sima about the new innovative tool – UNDP Integrated Project Portfolio Building Resilience in Response to the Syria Crisis

Sep 16, 2015

Since the onset of the Syria Crisis, UNDP has played a critical role in supporting those most affected, both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries. In Syria itself, UNDP continues to implement a country programme focused on the resilience of both individuals and local communities; while, in neighbouring countries UNDP has developed programmes to support national efforts in managing the refugee influx and host communities.

UNDP continues to be at the forefront of support to what I am sure you are aware from media images is possibly the most pressing international crisis of the moment  -  not least for Syrians inside the country and in neighbouring countries - which have generously received some 4 million Syrians to date.  On 9 November, UNDP will organize a UN-led Ministerial level Resilience Development Forum (RDF) hosted by the Government of Jordan to better assess new, collective international efforts around the formulation of a Resilience Roadmap for Syria and Neighbouring Countries.  

In the meantime, UNDP has also produced a user friendly online tool that identifies all the projects that require funding in Syria and the neighbouring countries to strengthen livelihood opportunities, social cohesion and municipal/social service delivery. The tool provides information on project objectives, budgets and activities within Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, and Turkey, and showcases some of our most recent achievements in building resilience within these countries:  You can also explore the new project tool from your smartphones.

We hope that our upcoming RDF and the UNDP Integrated Project Portfolio will play an important role in closing the gap between the enormous needs of those affected by the Syrian crisis and the reality of funding levels to date.  Despite the dimensions of the crisis and recent fundraising efforts, the Syria Response Plan is only 32 percent funded, while the wider regional initiative focusing on Syria’s neighbouring countries, has only received 41 percent of funding to-date.

I ask you to share our role and updated efforts on this major crisis facing both the UN and the international community with all your interested communities.

I take this opportunity to congratulate our six country offices for their efforts to date in building the resilience of households and communities under challenging circumstances as well as the efforts of the Sub-regional Response Facility in Amman for their work on the RDF and the new online tool.  I also invite you to follow our COs websites and social media accounts: @UNDPSyria, @UNDPJordan, @UNDP_Lebanon, @UNDPinIraq, @UNDPTurkiye, @UNDPEgypt.

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