Message from Sima Bahous introducing the Dead Sea Resilience Agenda

Nov 7, 2015

MESSAGE ON BEHALF OF SIMA BAHOUS – Assistant Secretary-General, Assistant Administrator and UNDP Director of the Regional Bureau for Arab States

Dear all, it gives me great pleasure to circulate the Dead Sea Resilience Agenda Visit

The Dead Sea Resilience Agenda is the result of great efforts made by a wide range of partners in the region and beyond – national partners, donors, NGOs, UN, private sector- through a series of country consultations successively conducted in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, as well as in Syria.  The process was concluded in a 6-country meeting of stakeholders, hosted by the Government of Lebanon and the UN on 29th of October in Beirut. The Dead Sea Resilience Agenda is expected to inform the next generation of responses to the Syrian Crisis, including through the development of innovative, multi-year financing mechanisms and instruments to enhance financial predictability; enhance complementarity between humanitarian and development plans and processes and expand the partnership platform with enhanced role for the private sector.

This document was circulated to all stakeholders in advance of the Resilience Development Forum, 8-9 November, Dead Sea. At this event we expect new and renewed commitments in the areas of resilience inside Syria, social stability, aid architecture and the private sector. The Dead Sea Resilience Agenda requires political will to genuinely transform how we collectively respond to the protracted crisis. Thank you to those who have contributed to the ongoing online discussion at The comments here complemented the outcomes from the country consultations. People in this online discussion have called for a need to understand the root causes of the crisis and to listen to local solutions to build a more solid and inclusive dialogue. I encourage everyone to read the Agenda and continue to add your thoughts, ideas and recommended actions to support its implementation. Due to the important input we have received, we are pleased to announce that the online discussion will be extended until November 10th allowing the opportunity for a rich discussion. Go to to participate. During the conference, you can watch the proceedings on the site as they happen, and add your voice by using the hashtag #ResilienceForum on social media.

With thanks and kind regards,


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