How to rebuild trust with Communities in ‎Sebha even in times of COVID-19‎

When the threat of the Coronavirus outbreak arose in Libya, authorities took a set of decisions to tackle it in all regions and cities of the country.  

Six Years After Sinjar Massacre, Support and Services are Vital for Returning Yazidis

Sinjar is a district in northern Iraq’s Ninewa Governorate; it was once home to an estimated 420,000 individuals representing diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds 1 . It is widely known as the…  

Telling a different story — Somali Storytellers are bringing messages of hope during the Covid-19 pandemic

“When I came home to Somalia from Canada six years ago, I was expecting to find a hopeless, war-torn country,” says Zahra. “That’s all you see in the media. But reality’s much more complicated.  

The smile behind the mask

As Somalia comes to terms with life during the pandemic, people are starting to wear masks but can face abuse or criticism when they do.  

Rebuilding Mosul in the midst of a pandemic

No one could predict what the year 2020 would bring, especially facing an unprecedented global health pandemic.  

Building a foundation for Iraq’s recovery from COVID-19

The continued growth of the COVID-19 crisis in Iraq could result in long-lasting health, security and economic implications for the nation’s most vulnerable people.  

Seven Messages of Hope: Unity in Iraq During COVID-19

Iraq has been in a state of lockdown since March, and the novel coronavirus continues to spread through the governorates of one of the world’s most resilient nations.  

Paving Yemen’s treacherous roads: A life-saving path towards economic recovery and social stability

“I’m 40 years old, the father of nine children, and have spent a long time living in miserable conditions — with rough roads, poor health services, and scarce drinking water.  

Safeguarding Sudan’s $3b remittance lifeline against COVID-19

Annual remittances of around US$3 billion are essential to Sudan’s economy and society. But, facing COVID-19, this lifeline is expected to fall by at least $500m. Mitigation efforts are critical and…  

Managing risks in times of compounded crises leveraging the collective to accelerate solutions

Within the same sensemaking process we had launched previously, we organized a third plenary session bringing together all 40 participants from the previous workshops and presented to them the…  

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