Somali storytellers helping to spread the word — not the virus

To help do just that in way that is accessible and entertaining as well as informative, 20 Somali storytellers are producing videos, animations and photos that are already a hit in their local…  

Systems thinking: How not to miss the forest for the trees

“None of us see the system. We see our own part based on our own background and history. And we all think we see the most crucial part.” — Peter Senge, Systems Scientist  

Arab states step up response to coronavirus

Almost all nations are taking precautions by closing borders, schools, and public places.  

Newly trained women in Ninewa produce face masks to combat spread of COVID-19 in Iraq

Working swiftly to produce this vital personal protection equipment despite the curfew in Ninewa Governorate, these skilled women are directly contributing to the mitigation of COVID-19 in Iraq.  

Fighting Fake News Starts with “Counting till 10…”

UNDP has launched a nation-wide campaign in partnership with LBCI to combat fake news and their negative impact on social cohesion and stability.  

UNDP sets up communications hub as first line of COVID19 defence in Somalia

One lesson is already clear from the COVID19 pandemic: the faster you get the message out on how to prevent infection, the quicker people change behaviour to slow the spread and save lives.  

Finding the ‘missing’ cases of Tuberculosis

Djibouti hosts more than 27,000 refugees from neighbouring countries, equivalent to roughly 3% of its population. With one of the highest densities of refugees in the world, crowded camps create a…  

In search of water

Mohamed Ismail Yasin, originally from Mayle village in northeast Somalia, fled the region’s prolonged and severe drought with his six-member family and most of his livestock.  

Recycling waste and creating opportunities for women

Zainab’s day begins before dawn. She wakes her family, makes breakfast, sends her children to school, and cares for her handicapped husband. Life used to be a continual struggle just to survive. Her…  

Highest level of political commitment needed to fight COVID-19

UNDP is fully committed to helping the most vulnerable countries and cases.  

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