A new era: With ambitious climate goals, Iraq sets itself on a new path

At its height in 2014, the Islamic State occupied large swathes of Iraq. Shops and factories closed; fields dried up. Towns and cities were left in ruins by fighting and airstrikes. 5.8 million people…  

Mapping our Household Waste: Trash or Treasure?

Accelerator Lab Syria is now on a mission to understand the recycling scene in Syria with a focus on the household recycling practices  

When renovation of Women Literacy Center forges social cohesion in Sebha

‘’ I have the opportunity to attend for the first time a training session along with women from all social components of Sebha. It is very interesting experience as I am learning a lot from them,’’  

Yemeni fisherfolk

The severe impact on the fishery sector from the ongoing conflict has fueled the need for additional support to Yemeni fisherfolk. The Government of Japan is generously funding the United Nations…  

A tale of two seas

From the tropical waters of the Caribbean to the hot and salty Red Sea, Yellowfin Tuna spawn, feed and grow up to seven feet long. This highly migratory species call a wide stretch of the ocean home,…  

Faces of Yemen’s Seaports

Meet the Yemenis Working to Ensure Food, Fuel and Medicine is Delivered amidst the World’s Worst Humanitarian and Development Crisis  

Government of Japan helps Somalia fight COVID-19

Japanese funding supports a range of UNDP initiatives to respond to COVID-19  

Socotra: Yemen’s Island of Natural Wonder and Beauty

Socotra, an island located 380 kilometres south of the Arabian Peninsula, means “island abode of bliss” in Sanskrit. It is an island hub for international holiday makers spending their vacations…  

HELLO, SUNSHINE: Imagining a World with Renewable Energy

Imagine life on Earth if we continue using fossil fuels. A life relying only on oil, coal, and gas to produce the energy needed to power our transportation, offices, schools, institutions, and…  

Emerging from conflict: Wansah’s journey to rebuild

Wansah shares her story on what it takes to build back her life after the devasting effects of the ISIL conflict. The journey has been tough on her, but she is more determined than ever before.  

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