Saving Ali’s Life Through Community Education Programmes

“Through this project I have taught many women with low — or no — literacy about cholera, diarrhea, natural breast feeding, pregnancy, and many aspects of maternal health. I feel like I’m having a…  

A Mother’s Hope During Crisis

“It is a hard-knock life for us. It feels terrible when you have no source of income. I have been through hard times…my family needed essentials, but we couldn’t afford to buy them,” says Manar, 35,…  

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020: Meet our Youth Leadership Programme Alumni

Since 2015, the Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) has engaged 90 young Yemenis from across the country through annual innovation camps, hackathons, and workshops that aim to boost their capacity to…  

Emergency Response Coordination: How Front-Line Health Workers Respond to Covid-19 in Iraq

With the speed at which Coronavirs (COVID-19) can spread, the use of innovative methods to encourage physical distancing are essential. Infrastructure is used to connect people with each other, and to…  

Managing Transboundary Wastewater

“The situation was unhealthy, costly and hazardous at times”. Amer Kittani is a Palestinian farmer and an interior designer living with his extended family at An Nazlah al Gharbya village near…  

Iraqi heroes confronting COVID-19 in Diyala and Kirkuk

Nurses walk quickly around the wards; patient monitors beep in the distance, doctors assess their patients in intensive care rooms — it’s just another day for frontline health workers in Iraq.  

Age is no bar to passing the bar

When she was 60, Safiya became one of Puntland’s oldest lawyers and one of the first women. Image for post  

Iraqi police receive virtual training amidst COVID-19

Restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic have led UNDP to adapt to new ways of working, including combined virtual and on-site modalities. In Iraq, a multi-partner collaboration to provide…  

Psychosocial Support for Integrated Recovery in Beirut

The Beirut Explosion of August 4, 2020 left behind an explosion of feelings as its impact extended deeper and beyond the direct destruction of surrounding areas affecting the psychological conditions…  

Sometimes it helps to talk

A series of centres across Somalia offer a new model of justice that can help reduce violence against women  

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