Bringing-to-light: “ECO EGYPT” — Egypt’s Hidden Gems

Ecotourism is becoming a growing trend for many travelers especially after what the world has gone through due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Bringing light into the dark: Prisoner training programmes inspire hope

In prison, isolation with few distractions can be exhausting. Contemplating life alone and away from the world between four walls and behind prison bars, prisoners sometimes hold little hope for the…  

Advancing the Localization of Sustainable Development Goals with Iraqi Universities

Achieving the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Iraq is crucial to ensuring the country’s prosperity and long-term development.  

UNDP stands by the people of Lebanon to Build Lebanon Forward

One month to the Beirut blast, people in Lebanon are still trying to come to terms with a tragdy that led to the loss of more than 150 lives, displacement of 300,000 people and injuries among 6000+  

The Power of Community Spirit: Overcoming a Health Crisis Together

Community initiative produces more than 6,000 free face masks, sets up four public sanitization and awareness-raising points and conducts over 3,000 home visits to educate the community about COVID-19…  

Beyond the connection: Connected future

18-year-old Ghali lives with cerebral palsy (CP) that affects his movement, coordination and speech. Life hasn’t been easy since he fled his home in Daraa to Damascus with his family due to the…  

The life-changing story of Hunar

“I always felt uncomfortable and ashamed to ask my father for money, as all my four siblings were students. My father was the only provider in the family.”  

Protecting frontline officers from COVID-19 in Iraq

Protecting frontline workers who deliver vital services to the public is key during the coronavirus pandemic. UNDP is working to ensure that law enforcement officers in Iraq are protected from…  

Empowering Sudan: Reshaping a nation through solar transformation

Having undergone a once in a lifetime revolution, Sudan has a unique opportunity to reshape its future. But, the economic, security and development challenges it faces are significant.  

Managing debris and assessing waste in Beirut post the Port Blast: Building Lebanon Forward

In the wake of the Beirut blast, a staggering 40,000 buildings were destroyed, and 2,000 of those were completely damaged. It comes as no surprise that this immense destruction left behind rubble and…  

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