Preserving forests, sustaining livelihoods

Through forest management, we are generating much needed income during the harsh situation while bringing the forests back to life,” expressed Aisha, Manara site supervisor.  

Cash-for-work: Helping Bring Hope while Sustaining Human Dignity

Malekah received YER 370,000 (€ 358) for her work, spending her income on construction materials, supporting household expenses, and caring for her newest baby.  

Behind-the-scenes: Meet the stabilization team in Mosul

Since its launch in 2015, UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization has set the stage for Iraq to build forward better through rehabilitation of critical infrastructure and restoration of essential…  

Supporting the Vulnerable and Diminishing the Threat of Hunger

To support war-impacted communities and lift thousands of Yemeni families out of extreme poverty and unemployment, the European Union has funded the Social Protection for Community Resilience Project…  

Heroes behind masks: healthcare workers in Sebha battle COVID-19

Nine years of conflict has damaged countless buildings across Libya, leaving them demolished or unfunctional. The destruction of buildings hindered essential basic services for people such as…  

Teachers of Alqosh strive towards creating a healthy environment for learning

The teachers behind the kindergarten school in Alqosh share their observations and experiences on what it takes to create a healthy environment for children.  

Building a healthier, fairer Iraq

Crises like the ISIL conflict and COVID-19 have exacerbated inequalities in Iraq. Essential health services and infrastructure have deteriorated, and not everyone has had equal access to necessary…  

Syrian Spectacles: Can we map it? Yes we can

100 Days… 99 to be exact… between submitting our frontier challenge and our learning report. However, my countdown app reminded me of this fact differently.  

Fighting the Fear: Clearing Mines from Yemen’s Rural Communities

“Mines were inside homes, behind walls, inside bathrooms, everywhere,” describes Ali, 70.  

In Salah al Din and Anbar: Rebuilding comes after mine clearance

Five years since Iraq’s liberation from ISIL, there has been significant progress made towards growing back, through rehabilitation of homes, institutions and building stability. Though, the challenge…  

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